Saturday, August 7, 2010


So first off I have 2 days left in the states, 2 DAYS! I remember at the beginning of the year every day in school would just go by so slowly and every month would feel like a year. These last few weeks have flown by! It's probably due to how busy we have been. It's a lot of work getting ready for exchange I really never thought it would be this much. Today was a big packing day, we got the majority of the packing done and my checked suitcase came to 32 pounds WITH everything I wanted to bring! That's so crazy, I thought it would be at least 20 pounds over. The suitcase itself was seriously like 3 pounds(BEING FOR REALLLLL). It's so awesome because it was the only one on sale at Macys and it is SO light. It also seems very durable and it's HUGE. Dream come true right? Haha well I will update the night before I leave! Wow this is all happening so fast, I'm excited/nervous/curious.


  1. lol @ im curious :P

    and good job with the suitcase gurrrrll you realllly done good :))

  2. Only 32 pounds? Girl, that's insane!! YOU are insane - but I like it :p
    I know exactly what you mean about the whole waiting-thing. Geez, I remember when I was waiting to go to my interview and now it's ages ago, lol.