Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School has started!

So i've been to school for almost a week now and I can't really describe it. It's a scary/love kinda thing. This school is HUGE I don't think I understood what 2600 people really is. It's also shocking because my school at home which has about 1500 is bigger than this school. So the first day I pretty much had major culture shock. I have Geography (which is my favorite class), English, Spanish 3 (I know, what the heck.), and music! I have already made a lot of friends but the sucky part is, when I'm on break most of them are either in a class or having lunch so I had to sit in the library ALONE looking like a FOOL. Then Johanna came and saved me because she got off class early. I think that situation will get better once I make even MORE friends. Everyone here is so pretty it's insane blonde, blue eyes, fashionable. You can NEVER wear sweats to a Swedish school, you ALWAYS have to dress up. I really like the teachers here because you call them by their first name, they actually become your friends and you build a relationship so you can succeed, and most of them dress and act like teenagers. I'm going to Märsta this weekend to hang out with a girl from my school and some new girls who also go to my school, should be fun! Then next weekend is the music camp which I'm really excited for.

Hej då!


  1. How come you don't have lunch at the same time as the others?
    Anyways, your schedule sounds great, and it's awesome to hear that you are making friends! Keep it up girl :))

  2. Wow, it sounds like you're having a good time. You seem to be in a populated city with the best kinds of people :) I hope you pull through the year program!!
    enjoy your camp!
    beijos from Brazil!