Sunday, November 14, 2010

Håkan Hellström

Var är du Ikväll?

November 13th 2010. Hovet. Stockholm Sweden.
The night I saw Håkan Hellström live, a dream come true. With camera and ticket in hand Astrid and I went down to Globen arenas. I bought a black Håkan shirt and she bought a cute bag with him playing guitar on it. We went inside the semi-huge arena super super taggade (word in swedish which means like WOOO GET READYYY EXCITEDDLALAL)
Håkan Hellström is a swedish artist from Göteborg with an interesting voice and heart felt lyrics in every song. I've known about him for a while now and my host family knew I liked him when they picked me to be their exchange student. So as a surprise they gave Astrid and me tickets. The concert was completely sold out and every person who was lucky enough to get a ticket was so excited and at the end was so thankful. He played all his big hits and some off his new CD released just last week called "2 steg från paradise"

The best moment was when he played "Nu Kan du få mig så lätt" (Now you can get me so easily) It is one of my all time favorite songs and it was the only song I could sing the lyrics to perfectly. It was so beautiful live and the whole building was singing along. It was really an experience.
I hope I get to see him again not only is he fun to watch live the whole crowd makes his concert experience unforgettable.
I will post a video blog soon of the concert!


Thursday, November 4, 2010


I went Öland (A southern Swedish island) over the weekend and it was absolutely beautiful!

My host family has a summer home there so my host dad, host sister, host cousin, and me all went out. My host mom and other sister were in New York! The awesome thing about going to Öland at this time of the year is that it's practically empty. It's a summer island so in the fall barely anyone lives there. It was so peaceful. a bit chilly but I didn't mind.

I also went to the Borgholm castle! It was so crazy to go into a REAL castle. See in Europe they think it's normal, I was the only one freaking out because we don't have things like this in the U.S. we see these things on Fairytales! It was huge and in the summer they have concerts here. Reminded me of the Lizzie Mcguire movie haha.

The reason why I haven't been blogging so much is, I've been writing a lot more and blogger is becoming such a stupid site and I don't understand it anymore! I will keep trying to post once in a while but the whole layout has changed and uploading pictures is weeeeiiirddd.