Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm here!

(So now that I know my parents and my family read my blog it's super weird, if you know my Tumblr then go there haha)
ANYWAY, I've been here for 9 days and I already love it. Getting here was pretty easy except for the Frankfurt Airport, it was SOO confusing and we almost didn't make our gate. When I landed in Sweden I didn't believe it, when I went into Arlanda airport I didn't believe it, when I drove to camp I didn't believe it, and when I met my host family I didn't believe it. That's what every exchange student at the intro camp told me as well. It feels like I'm on vacation or something. Intro camp was a lot of fun, at the beginning I just wanted to get out and go to my host family. Then after I got over jet lag I had a lot of fun and I miss it now! I met kids from Thailand, Japan, China, Germany, Estonia, Slovakia, Ecuador, Finland (? I don't know why she was there haha), and more! Now I've been with my host family for a little over a week and they are amazing. They took me to Allsång at Skansen on Tuesday. Skansen is like a little Sweden theme park it's hard to explain but it's so cool, its all of Sweden in Stockholm. Allsång is a TV program that goes on in the summer and has been going on for 50 years or something. It's like a community sing? Where a bunch of swedes come and sing swedish songs and it's actually very popular now with the teenagers. I think we were on TV I don't know haha. I went to my first Swedish party with one of my host sisters. I went shopping and got SUPERR high heels from a place called skorett and a cute sweater from H&M (of course) and today I'm going shopping again but alone because I don't start school till Friday now! Well I'll update soon again!

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  1. Sounds like you're having an awesome time, girl! I'm happy for you :))