Friday, July 2, 2010

Rubeck Valfrihetens Gymnasium!

I have my school placement! I will be attending Rudbeck Gymnasium, with 2000 students and one of Stockholm's most popular schools. I'm beyond excited, I have been stalking the school website ( for days now. It looks like such a nice school. Since I will be in the music program at Rudbeck I have to take a music test that involves both singing and music theory. I'm a bit nervous for the music theory but I am going to practice with some of my old choir friends who are really good at that stuff. I will be walking about 5 minutes every day to the bus stop and then from there it will be about 10 minutes to school. I have never taken public transportation in my life so this will be a good change. Rudbeck is in my town (Sollentuna) which is really nice. There is even an exchange student there right now from Australia who I will know, I probably won't see her or be in her class but I'm happy I will at least know one person kind of. Every day I'm getting more and more information and it's getting more and more real. I'm nervous about everything but so excited, I leave August 1oth. Wow.