Friday, February 26, 2010

Host Families

Going to get straight to the point. I want to find out who my host family is going to be NOW! At the same time I read a post on the culture shocked board that was talking about early and late host family placement. A girl asked something around the lines of "Since my information is the first to be sent to my exchange country won't I get a better host family?" Then a woman who worked for that company said "No that doesn't matter." She went on to explain that some of the best host families who consider hosting take it very seriously and will wait to pick until the deadline. They have the mind set that what if we choose to early and a better student that fits with us more comes along, we already picked. This is another thing I'm now worrying about! I mean I want to know now but if it's too early how will I know I got the best family for my personality? Or what if it's super late because they had to find me a family quickly?! AAAHHH. I just need to shut up and be happy for whatever is going to happen!


  1. Graceanne :)

    It's Maggie! Like, from your school. In your grade... biology class... you know the one (hopefully).

    Anyway, I hope you know that when you leave, I will be obsessively checking this thing. You're so lucky; Sweden's awesome. :) And you'll have an amazing family, I just know it! It'll be so much fun. Do you know at all when you'll find out who your family will be? Or are you just stuck in agony until right before you go?

    I've been wanting to do exchange ever since I heard about you doing it. I'm pretty sure my parents are very annoyed. Hah, anyways, I'll be following this blog!

  2. Wow, that's a pretty good point! I've always hoped to get a host family fairly quickly, mostly because I'm unbelievable impatient. But now I'm not so sure about it. It sure does make sense that some families will wait.. Arg, now you have me confused as well xD

  3. Hey!

    I will also go on exchange next year, with YFU.
    Anyway, I go my family in the middle of December, which is quite early, and they are fantastic!! It is almost like I am part of the family already. When you get a family early, you will also have better time to get to know them! And you know, don't worry about getting a bad family. Look at it this way; if they choose you early that can also mean that they are so sure that you mach them that they wont wait around and risk that someone else takes you!!

    Hopes this brings you comfort:D