Monday, February 22, 2010


Today was the day, the day I had been waiting for. I have been approved by YFU to go abroad to Sweden for the 2010-2011 fall semester! I have never been more excited and nervous at the same time in my life! This all started last August when I wanted to go see Princess Victoria of Sweden get married in the summer of 2010. I had always been fascinated by Sweden and Swedish culture since I was little. So seeing the princess of Sweden get married?! That would be crazy! My parents are very open people about new things I want to do they are also very protective and practical which has its pros and cons. My dad thought it would be a good experience to go overseas for a few weeks with him and my mom wasn't opposed. The more I started thinking about how I have loved Sweden since I was young and how I wanted something new and exciting I thought "foreign exchange" now when something big like this comes to my head POW I go to my handy dandy macbook. I search in "foreign exchange companies" now thinking back that probably wasn't the best idea because I almost got caught in some bad companies! Anyway, I looked up some stuff asked my parents and their first response EVER to this idea "No?" Ha. After months of convincing, talking, meeting with former exchange students, talking to different companies, figuring out oodles of details here I am. This is too crazy. I'm PUMPED.

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  1. Congrats on getting approved! I'm glad you managed to convince your mom and dad to let you go - exchange is an experience for life, and Sweden is a great country (: