Thursday, December 9, 2010


Last Sunday was the second advent and in celebration we made traditional Swedish buns called Lussebullar! Swedes bake a lot together before Christmas, freeze everything, then open it up on Christmas (SO MUCH FOOD.)

So first you roll the dough into a shape like this:

Then you curl it up like this:

You put two raisins on the bun like this and then they are ready to bake!

They turn out like this:

Let me just tell you they are SO delicious. There is a special spice in them called "saffran" which my host dad said is worth more than gold! It comes from inside a flower or something. They are very expensive to buy so baking them is cheaper and so much fun! We had christmas music playing and it was snowing outside, aahhhh I loved it. Next weekend we are meeting up with another family to make A LOT of Swedish candy for christmas I'm so excited. On Saturday I have my christmas concert and then Monday is Lucia so except a huge post all about that!

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