Monday, October 11, 2010


A guy in my Geography class said something yesterday that made me so happy and realize I actually am good at Swedish. We were all talking about my swedish skillzzz and they kept saying how good my Swedish is for me being here for 2 months and being an American (haha) and I was like nooooo noooooo nooooo I should be better blahblahblah. THEN he goes "Well you're better in Swedish than we are in Spanish and we have been learning it for 5 years!" and I was like he was so right.

I think the secret with learning a language fluently is actually being immersed in the language everyday of every hour. You just CAN'T learn a language in a classroom setting no matter how long or how hard you work. Usually the class will translate everything into your native language. SO WRONG, you need to associate the word with the object not the english word. When you were a baby you didn't learn your native language by your parents translating everything did you? NOOO, they pointed at something and said "TREE" So yeah, I'm trying and this is pretty hard but I'm going to be fluent in Swedish by the end of the year!

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    Though I have to disagree slightly with your theory of classroom-learning. I learned English through school, and I was pretty much fluent by the time I graduated. Of course I read and heard tons of English outside of school, which was what really did the trick but yeah. I think you can learn language just fine, as long as you dedicate yourself to actually use and practice it on a daily basis. By immersing yourself though, you probably learn the language like 100x faster!
    Pronunciation, on the other hand, does not come from school. That is something that you can only get good at by hearing natives speak the language. I keep improving every single day, and I would be considered fluent!

    Sorry for my loooong comment, I just wanted to put in my two cents, since I actually did manage to become quite fluent in a language without being immersed. You do have a fantastic point though! I'm a bit sad that I'm not learning a whole new language this year compared to you guys :(